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Kate Lara

Kate was very fortunate to have grown up in the Entertainment Industry with both parents working in the arts all of their lives. Her father as the Programming Director for Theatre Corporate New Zealand, The Sydney Festival of Arts and The Adelaide Festival Centre and her mother as a professional Actor, Drama Teacher (SA Casting)  and Theatre Director.

It was a natural progression for Kate to follow in the footsteps of her parents in such a vibrant,  exciting and progressive industry. Over the years Kate became involved  in  Television & Radio Media, Event Management, Promotions, Artist Development and fulltime professional singer in a number of musical outfits.

Kate has also worked with and mentored many local emerging performers by conducting workshops, weekend retreats and master-classes that involved a selection of Kate’s professional peers who were more than happy to pass on their varying expertise and knowledge to these aspiring artists. These artists gained invaluable live experience and paid professional gigs at Kate’s own Cabaret venue ‘Cabaret Cafe’, of which many are now employed full time in the Music Industry.

After selling Cabaret Cafe, Kate devoted her full focus back to her ‘Promotions/Events Management’ business, and is relishing being back on the stage performing full time alongside Antonio Villano, in their versatile duo ‘Vogue’.

Over the last 20 years Kate has earned great respect from Industry Leaders and has built a solid reputation through her professionalism, passion and meticulous attention to detail with every event or project that she is involved in.

Antonio Villano

Italian born Antonio Villano migrated to Australia with his family at the age of 9 years. His upbringing was not without struggle which has formed the foundation of the person he is today, a man of strong faith, compassionate and a definite passion for music. A self taught guitarist and singer. Antonio's love for music was always apparent constantly listening to the old traditional songs his parents played, along with listening to his idols he looked up to.

At the young age of 12 he decided to learn to play guitar. Helped by a close friend who wrote some guitar chords out on a piece of paper. Antonios love of music grew and he learned quite quickly gaining opportunity to play at his youth group gatherings. It was about the age of 14 that he formed a Gospel band called Revelation with his 2 brothers and 2 close friends as guitarist and backing vocalist. The band was later reformed with new members called Eternity who were together for 11 years travelling across Australia before all the members, now older, took on other responsibilities.

Antonio, a father of 3 sons then took on the position of Youth Minister for a period of time and coupled with his musical experience, it wasn’t long until those skills were called upon as a Music Director and Choir leader for very prominent church organizations.

A few years later, Sean Timms from Timms Tunes contacted Antonio as he needed a 'Classical' singer for a television commercial which involved singing 'Nessun Dorma" in the original Luciano Pavarotti key. Never having sung classical prior and never backing down from a challange, Antonio decided to take the opportunity. The recording session only required a 30 second section of the song, but Seam Timms was so impressed that he offered to record and produce the entire song.

Whilst on a trip with a minister friend, Antonio played some Andrea Bocelli songs in the car and commented that one day he would love to perform The Prayer (sung by Anrea Bocelli and Celine Dion) in front of a live audience. Two weeks later his travelling companion phoned Antonio and asked him to perform The Prayer to his 1500 member congregation for a special event. Accompanied by fellow performer Neusa Perez they performed the song which received a full house standing ovation.

Never having had prior formal training Antonio decided to approach singing and vocal teacher John Morgan, now deceased, for some training. After about half a dozen lessons John Morgan offered to train Antonio at no charge (God Bless you John) because, as he put it, "A voice like yours doesn't come around too often in life". As life has it, time and committments did not allow Antonio to accept this incredibly generous gesture, but during time with John, Antonio gleaned valuable techniques and inspiration that impacted his life and gift.

Antonio was later introduced to Kate Lara, a seasoned performer in her own right, who at the time was running a program called Search for a Singer targeted to provide up an coming artists opportunity to develop and expose their gift. Kate invited Antonio to perform 'The Prayer' as a guest on a Search for a Singer Show Case night where Antonio met ABC Radio Announcer/ Journalist/ and Arts Reviewer 'Peter Goers' put a challenge to him. “The next time I hear you sing, I would also like to hear some Musical Theatre. The next 2 songs that Antonio recorded were 'Music of the Night' from Phantom of the Opera and 'Bring Him Home" from Les Miserables.

Through Kate Lara's association with Peter Goers a copy of those songs were given to him who very promptly organised a live on air interview and performance for the ABC. Kate Lara then took on promotion and management role for Antonio's career which opened many doors and created many opportunities for performances which has placed Antonio in great demand across Australia and overseas.

Interests in Antonio and booking enquiries started coming in for The Elder Park Christmas Carols, The Australian Tour Down Under, The Adelaide Carnivale, Bridal Expo’s, Weddings, Fashion Parades, Italian Festivals and Charity events. It was at a particular Charity event that a special duet was requested, so Antonio teamed up vocally with Kate Lara to deliver a powerful and emotionally charged rendition of “The Prayer”. This began Antonio including Kate Lara in his reportoire mixing the traditional sounds with the modern.

The wonderful blend and versitility of their voices has since resulted Antonio and Kate forming a duo named 'Vogue' which is in high demad across Australia and overseas, providing audiences a wide variety of music genre including Classical, Ballad, Jazz, Blues, Motown, Rock'n'Roll and more. There is no genre they can't cover.

Shows that have been born through this fantastic journey include:
Tribute to the Tenors - A Classical Tribute to the great Tenors, both past and present.
Tribute to the Greats - A musical live performance of the Greatest voices of the 50's, 60's, 70's and 80's.
The Neil Diamond Experience - A show providing audiences with a respectful live tribute to the great Neil Diamond.
Shirazzamattaz - A classy singing and dancing performance including hits from Cabaret, Burlesque and All that Jazz.
Jukebox Live - A band suitable for any party or function.
Travelling Tenor - A 30 minute comical costumed floor show designed for the corporate market.

Antonio continues his musical pursuits and passion for sharing beautiful music bringing joy to many via this “God given Gift!” and donates much of his time to community and charity events.

The rest is history in the making!


- Musical Director
- Vocal and Vocal Ensemble Co-ordinator
- Gospel Workshop Co-ordinator
- Vocalist and guitarist in bands - Session, Studio and Live recordings
- Musical Theatre
- Live guest appearances in National and International Conferences, Corporate and Special events.
- Vocal coach both private and for SA Casting.
- Vocal workshop coordinator for Kate Lara Promotions - Search for a Singer

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